Ignition Rekeys


Need to Rekey Your Car Locks or Ignition?

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Car locks can break or need replacement just like any other lock. If you drive often, your keys and locks experience heavy and repeated use. Contact Affordable Mobile Locksmith LLC to rekey your car locks in the Grand Junction, CO area.

Our trained and experienced team will go right to you for convenient and reliable rekeying services. We offer price quotes and emergency assistance. Call 970-822-5625 today to let a professional rekey your car locks in Grand Junction, CO.

Why would I rekey my car ignition?

Your ignition is a lock just like any other in your car. There are a number of reasons you might need us to rekey your car ignition, including:

  • Ignition replacement -after an ignition is replaced, it's best to make sure only one key is needed for the car doors and ignition.
  • Faulty ignition components-instead of a full replacement, the pins and wafers could be the only issue. We're able to replace the internal components to match your existing keys.
  • Broken keys -worn down or broken car keys may no longer work in your ignition. We'll create a new key to work with your car doors and ignition.


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